dinsdag 1 september 2009

3 or more Thusday George Jones cups and saucers...

I noticed recently that there is a theme developing in my latest buys...Birds...
I seem to buy a lot of things with birds...Birdcages, bird statues and now cups and saucers with birds. It's an odd combination if you like and have a lot of cats like me!
Years agoo, I was given these small cups and saucers by a sweet friend after I had been raving about them. She gave them to me as a thank you and goodbye gift after teaching a patchwork course.
They are so very, very sweet with the handpainted birds and butterfly's. I did not want to accept them since they one's belonged to her grandmother but she insisted and I have cared and loved them ever since. The porcelain is so thin that you can look trough them.
There is no mark, but a small handpainted number, so I know nothing of the factory.
Lately I came across some dinerware of George Jones. George Jones ( 19th century) is well know for his very beautiful and now expensive majolica wares.But I did not know that he also made diner wares.
I saw these bits of a tea set on Ebay and made a far to high bid on it and got them . The pattern is called " Almonds".

Then a week later I came across this very pretty George Jones cup and saucer and I could not let I go. It costed me about 20 $ but I think it is well worth this money.

In the same week I saw these darling George Jones cups and plates, also on Ebay UK...I love swallows and nobody wanted them so I bougth them very cheap. Postage was more expensive then the whole lot of 2 trio's and 1 big plate.

Sadly, as you can see, the cake plates where both broken in transit. I was so sad about it. The vendor say she has some more plates of this design so I am now waiting until she offers them to me for the price of the postage.

This darling, gay, yellow tea set is also George Jones and although it has no birds and yellow is not my colour at all, it is so gay and it was so cheap( about 40$ for the whole set) that it had to come home to me. I still have not found a place to put it ...but what a little sunshine it is!!
It makes you cheerful all day long!
See you next week and thanks for visiting.

4 opmerkingen:

Barb zei

Good morning.

Love those dishes in the second picture.
To bad about your plates that were broken.
Hope you get them for postage.

Always enjoy your visits. Thank you


barbara jean

DeniseMarie zei

dish loverlies!! I have been into the bird thing too but haven't seen such cute bird dishes around here. When I was ill last year and could barely leave my bedroom I could at least look out the window and the lord would send all kinds of birds to greet me. :0)

Cass @ That Old House zei

What sweet dishes! I love the birds, and had never heard of George Jones till this post. Very interesting. I love the swallows; too bad there was breakage!

LiLi M. zei

Ik heb ook nog nooit van George Jones gehoord. Meestal is het zo dat mensen keramiek en porselein verzamelen uit het land van herkomst. Grappig is dat hè? Als je in Nederland Boch pastelgoed, dat ook in Maastricht gemaakt is door Regout en de Société Ceramique dan raak je dat van Boch aan de straatstenen niet kwijt op een beurs. Maar ik vind je vogeltjes verzameling prachtig! Ik verheug me alweer op de volgende drie of meer!