vrijdag 25 september 2009

Foody Friday Mom's chicken cassarole

This picture is taken on the moment that my mother put her dish on the table and I happened to have my camera on hand and thought of you lot and said lets take a picture for Foody Friday.
It is a simple cassarole dish but you can prepare it in advance and freeze it if you want.
For 4 eaters you need 4 skinless chicken breasts cut in large pieces of a whole chicken devided in 10 pieces.
2 medium white onions
sweet paprika powder
pepper and salt
1 can of apricots
1 small bunch of white seedless grapes
1 big glass of dry white wine
some butter to fry the chicken in.
Take a large skillet and brown the chicken pieces. Breast meat will only take a few minutes a chicken on the bone will take lots more time.
When the meat is lightly browned and semi cooked add the onions.The onions are not sliced in rings but are cut from top to bottom in 8, so you have moon shapes.
Add them and lett them fry gently. Season with sweet paprika, salt and pepper and then add the wine.Let the chicken get olmost done and then add the apricots and grapes. You can ommit the grapes if you want.
Let cook for a few minutes more and taste. If the taste is not sweet enough you can add a little of the apricot juice or add a spoonful of dark sugar.
Bind the sauce slightly with some corn flower.
We eat it with some crusty french baguettes but this is also nice with some rice or some boiled patatoes.

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LiLi M. zei

Dit keer heb ik er maar eens voor gezorgd dat ik gewoon mèt een broodje achter de computer zit. Mmm dit is er weer eentje om te onthouden, simpel maar smakelijk lijkt me. Fijn weekend, alles goed met je kleindochter? Je wacht natuurlijk met posten over haar tot je er 3 of meer hebt, lol. Nee, je hebt me al verteld waarom hoor, maar het grapje vond ik te leuk om niet te maken. Nogmaals goed weekend!

Robin zei

Yum! looks like comfort food~
All Things Heart and Home

Anoniem zei

What a great casserole! Even more perfect that you were sharing it with you mom!

Thanks for stopping by Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm. I am so glad that you came and enjoyed the heirloom tomatoes. I would share a basket with you if we did not live so far apart!

Have a wonderful weekend~
Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

SavoringTime in the Kitchen zei

I love that you shared your mom's casserole as it was served. It sounds wonderful with the apricots!

susan zei

I bet you always have your camera handy!! I love apricots and this sounds delicious!! I am always glad to visit you!!

Mary zei

Your Mother's casserole really looks delicious. Better yet is the fact that it's not hard to do. Thank you for sharing it with us. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Alea zei

What an interesting combination! I have never tried putting fruit into a dinner casserole. I look forward to trying your recipe.

Lori E zei

I always like the combination of apricots and chicken, also grapes and chicken. They just go together so well.

Joyce zei

I had to read your recipe twice as I was not sure I was reading grapes. How interesting with the apricots. I need to try this one for sure. I also saw all your cake stands and the wonderful cakes you made for your quilt ladies group. I posted part 2 of the local quilt show today so you may want to have a peak at both posts and also Sue's blog for even more quilt photos.

Karine zei

Your chicken casserole sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing:)