dinsdag 29 september 2009

Three or more Tuesday...Starlings

You will think, there she is again. It's birds again!!! I promise you this will be the last bird topic for a while.
It started almost a year agoo that I noticed that a small flock of birds settled for the night in the little wood across the street from our house.
We live at the border of a small community, a little village and at 300 feet from our door we have a very bizzy road that leads from one town to another.But across my door there is a little field with some pony's in and behind and beside that there is a very small patch of land that is wooded. In that stands a very big tree that is dead at the top. I noticed that the birds perched there for the night.
It gave a bit of life to the street since they chatter a lot. This summer I noticed that more birds have settled in our little wood across the street and it seams that every day there are more.

It started in the summer around 8, 8.30 in the evening that from the north west behind our house small flocks of birds apeared. First you see a few, maybe 20 and then there is another flock and another and another....

After a few weeks it seamed they came from everywhere. After a while the tree with the dead top was not big enough anymore and the birds settled in the surrounding trees.For about one hour the chatter and talk about the day gone by, fight for a place to sleep and then when the evening falls settle down for the night.

Arround 5 in the morning the chattering start again and around 7 they fly away to forrage for the day. Now, autumm is in the land they come home more early, around 7.30 in the evening and only leave around 6.30/ 7 o'clock. They always come from the same way, the northwest, fly to settle down to the southeast.
I am still not certain what birds they are. We think they are black starlings but we do not know for sure, it could also be a small sort of crow.
Once the evening falls you get great pictures like the one below.

Thanks for coming by. See you next week.

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Diann @ The Thrifty Groove zei

Wow, awesome pictures of those birds! the night sky looks beautiful as well.

thanks you for visiting my blog!

Have a wonderful Day!!

Sarah zei

Amazing photos of the starlings and the night sky. Love the tinge of pink. Thanks for stopping by to visit the QCI and leaving a comment. I appreciate it. See you next week. ~ Sarah

Barb zei

Beautiful pictures, and birds are OK with me anytime. =0)

Thanks for coming by for a viist.
Glad you liked my crow pieces. They were so fun to do. =0)

Thanks for joining in on Three or More today.


barbara jean

Charlene zei

I love to watch birds in the wild. I'm from the south, but lived for a while in Alaska, I loved seeing the birds and ducks and geese that were different from the varieties I was used to seeing.

thanks for sharing!

Neabear zei

Those flocks of birds can be fun to watch. I sometimes see them when I am driving home from work.

Melissa B zei

I loved the sounds along with the bird, it was unreal!
Thank for stopping by the QCI site to look at the posters. I like the Art Deco as well as some of the earliest and simpler graphics.