donderdag 17 september 2009

Foody Friday canned plums and pears

We hardly ever can something here but this is a recipie from the time my grandmothers still lived that we make every year. It's canned sweet/sour plums or pears.
You need very hard fruit.It does not work when the pears or plums are soft.
Add about 5 cups of white sugar to 3 cups of red whine vinegair and bring to the boil.
Remove from the heat. Add a cinnamon stick or two or cinnamon powder. But sticks are better.

Stone and half the plums or peel and quarter the pears.You need a hard type of cooking pear. We use Conference.
Then put the fruit in the hot liquid and put a lid on it.
Let it stand for a whole day. The fruit should be immersed in the liquid.

The next day you drain the fruit from the liquid and bring the liquid again to the boil.Remove from the heat and put the fruit back in.Let it stand for another day.

The third day you drain the fruit again and bring the liquid back to the boil. Once it boils you put in small parts of the fruit. Let the liquid come back to the boil and after a minut remove the plums but the pears should cook for about 3 minutes.
Do this to all the fruit.
Put the cooked fruit in a jar.Let the liquid cook out a bit. You will see you have a lot more juice then before. Top up the jar with the liquid and close the jar.
Trow away the rest of the liquid.
You will notice that you can get 8 pounds of pears in the big jar below. This was 3 pounds of plums and it hardly filled the jar's bottem.
So I filled this big jar with the pears and put the plums in a smaller jar.
You can eat these immediatly. Once opened you can keep eating from the same jar until they the fruit is finished.You don't need to put it in a fridge.Even a year later the fruit will still be ok.
The vinegair and the sugar prevents it from spoiling.
This is very nice to eat with some cold meat or with some chicken and french fries.

This is the only thing except from jam that my father used to cook. Evey year he made a batch for the whole family. Now he is no more with us I have taken it on myself to make it.

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susan zei

You did get posted! I got a smile reading your comment about trying to find the right time to post at Thrifty Groove's blog :) I think it is lovely that your dad passed this tradition down to you. It looks really good!

Yira zei

Hi. I love the idea of canning any fruit that's been picked fresh. The only thing we've ever done is strawberry jam. Imagine how much I would have saved if I had canned all my fruit before it went bad.

To answer your question in my Mac 'N Cheese recipe Pep is just what I called pepperoni, it's like salami with more flavor and I guess it has pepper in it because it's a little spicy. But you can use whatever you want in its place. The eggs and milk give it a creamy, custard-like consistency.

ButterYum zei

First of all, great idea. Secondly, that has got to be one of the biggest canning jars I've ever seen. Wow - it's a treasure in itself!

Michael Lee West zei

This is a fantastic step-by-step recipe! Filled with tradition and taste, a keeper!

Michelle zei

Love to can but I especially love to can plums. Good job!

Alea zei

This is fascinating! This is a method I have never heard about before. Thanks for sharing your recipe and method. I have a large pair tree in the back yard and I am always looking for ways to preserve the fruit.

Mary zei

I love the easy to follow instructions you've given us. When winter comes a jar of this brings back memories of summer. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ zei

Your fruit sounds like it would be very nice as a sauce for chicken or roast pork. Plums are not grown too much here but I can get my hands on some pears.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

LiLi M. zei

En nu maar wachten tot onze 2 pruimebomen eindelijk eens vrucht gaan dragen! Fijne zondag!

LiLi M. zei

Oei, ik bedoel natuurlijk pruimeNbomen, zo wordt het nooit wat!

Jane F from Atticmag zei

Prune plums are all over the market now. This recipe looks a treasure! Thanks for the lovely post with such detail.

Michelle zei

I love to can! I've only canned plums once and made them into Plum Butter which was delicious!