donderdag 3 september 2009

Foody Friday Grand Marnier cupcakes

Recently I have been making lots and lots of cupcakes. I especially like mini cupcakes like you see in the picture.
For my sister in law I made the cupcakes on the above picture.
She had a gathering with friends.
These cupcakes traveled the length of Belgium and where 10 hours in transit before they reached their destination.
Muy husband took them to the Belgian coast, a 2 hour drive. There they stayed in a coolbox for 6 hours and then my sister in law took them home, also a 2 hour drive. But they survived!!


Since I started making them I got another order from a one of my kitten buyers who's friend was to be a bride and they gave her a party.
I made her the romantic cupcakes you see above. All feminine and sweet, with sugar roses, butterfly's and fresh raspberry's.

The above cupcakes are my latest invention. They are the Grand Marnier ones.
I make some very nice, normal sized, chocolate cupcakes.
When they had cooled I sponed 1 teaspoon of Grand Marnier over them.
Then frosted them with Grand Marnier buttercream. Sprinkled some real cacao powder on them and toped the cupcakes with fresh orange slices and a sprinkling of chocolade curls.
Enjoy and see you next week!

11 opmerkingen:

Riet zei

Zag net je naam op een andere blog en de naam Poppedijne vond ik zo mooi. Dus ik kwam ook even kijken. Wat een heerlijkheden allemaal en alles zo mooi op de foto.
Zo grappig, ik ben ook Aries en Tijger , ik heb ook altijd graag gebakken en ik quilt ook nog. Nou ja....
KOm je ook eens bij mij op visite?
Groeten van Riet in Nederland

susan zei

Oh my goodness! These are beautiful and professional looking! You must tell me how you decorated them. Cupcakes are a new passion of mine--although mine don't look like yours! The Grand Marnier recipe sounds divine! I would drive 6 hours for these too! Thanks!

rosabeer zei

Wat ziet dat er heerlijk uit. Ik ga vanmiddag cupcake's maken met mijn pruimenjam met port en speculaaskruiden. Ben heel benieuwd hoe deze smaken.

groetjes en een fijn weekend.

Tammy518 zei

These are beautiful, and the Grand Marnier ones sound delicious!

Donna@designson47thstreet zei

Are you ever talented! Beautiful work with those cupcakes!! I wish you were close so I could have you make some for my upcoming silk floral show!
I have to tell you when I clicked on your blog and the bird music came on, I got up to look out the window to see what kind of new bird was in my tree! And cat came in looking out the window! hahaha!

Mary zei

All you petite cakes are beautiful and sound delicious. The larger cakes with the orange liqueur are my favorites, however. The orange flavor with that sprinkle of chocolate sounds perfect to me. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Maya zei

Mini cupcakes..., I'm all for those! Yummie!!!

Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut zei

I just love your cupcakes so much and the ones you made for the bride are beautiful, but I'll take the ones with the Grand Marnier any time!

BTW, one of my favorite blogging friends is in Belgium for the next three months. She's a marine biologist and working on her PhD. I know she's staying somewhere near the Liege Aquarium and I know she'll be posting wonderful photos of the area.

honeysuckle zei

Those cupcakes are beautiful. I especially love the dainty pink ones for the bridal shower. 'very nice job. thanks for sharing. Have a great Labor Day!

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ zei

Oh, I love Grand Marnier. Must try this. Your cupcakes are amazing, so pretty. I would love to eat a cupcake like that.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

LiLi M. zei

Ik dacht dat wij hadden afgesproken dat jij niet meer van die heerlijke plaatjes op je blog zou zetten? Ik denk dat ik jou persoonlijk verantwoordelijk houd voor het niet afvallen in 2009. Hè, hè wat een opluchting, kan ik eindelijk iemand anders de schuld geven :-D!