dinsdag 8 september 2009

Three or more Art Deco buttons

About a year agoo, Annie came to my quilt class with a big tin in her hands.
It was the button tin of her late aunt who died a while agoo. She was about 90 then.
She offered us to pick out of the tin whatever we wanted to have. Non of the other studants had a lot of interest in the buttons but I began to delfe in it and discovered more and more beauty's from the thirties. Even the Annie herself was amased what I discovered. Since I wanted so many of the good buttons I offered to pay her for them but she declined. Thanks again Annie, for these small treasures.
Above, the more colorful dress buttons. Most of them are in an early plastic and some, like the ones with the flowers are glass.

Some very thin buttons on the right. They are real flimsy.
On the left, even on the card, some sturdy buttons for a coat.

A whole set of buttons with birds. I think these must be bakelite. The birds seems to be handpainted.

These coat buttons are truly wonderful and very Art Deco.
Very big buttons. I think of Bakelite in very strong geometric shapes. Most of them are more then 1 inch in diameter.

And then , glass buttons, a favarite of mine. I especially love the little ball shaped button in the center with the black stars in it. It's a shame I only found 1 of those.

In the box where also some old spools and some buckles and brooches and a few metal buttons.
These are two sets of buckles that where intact. How pretty they are. I have never done anything up to now with all these small treasures but I enjoy having them, just to look at.
Hope you enjoyed my story.See you next week.

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Greyscale Territory zei

So pretty and interesting! Such unusual styles and colours, especially those shown in the last photo!

susan zei

I love buttons too! I have tons! --some pretty, some just functional. A friend of mine makes picture frames by gluing vintage buttons on the frame. I bet you would like it. Thanks for stopping by--the prince and his family ARE a fine looking family, aren't they? :)

LiLi M. zei

Nicky, ik wist niet dat jij ook een knopenjunk was, een beginnende junk dan toch! Maar wat een geweldige verzameling en dan ook nog een setje met vogeltjes, hoe is het toch mogelijk. Ik heb in een ver verleden ook nog eens over knopen geblogd en ben zelfs lid geworden van een knopen groep op flickr. Natuurlijk kijk je alleen maar naar je mooiste knopen, wat dacht jij dan? Fijne week weer en groetjes.

xinex zei

Very pretty buttons. Love the unusual styles...Christine

Denise Marie zei

what a fun tin dive!!

Candy zei

What a fun time you had digging out treasures from the tin. Enjoy!

Barb zei

Those buttons are great!!

I especially like the ones by the spools of thread.

On behalf of Tam, at Three or More Tuesday,
thanks for joining in.

Barbara jean
guest hostess

Tootsie zei

there are some gorgeous buttons in your collection! enjoy! thanks for sharing...I wish I could find a friend that doesn't want their good stuff! lol

Cass @ That Old House zei

What stunning buttons! Gorgeous. I once got a box of old buttons from a friend, but they were not as lovely as these. Those bird buttons -- beautiful.

And how nice that you should have the same white porcelain quails that my Mother had in our beach house. they are so pretty! I love that, across an ocean, we share something as sweet as those pretty old birds!


Lori E zei

My mother had a tin full of buttons too. I thought of them as jewels and would run my fingers through them. I can still hear the sounds they made when I did that. Thank you for reminding me of a lovely memory.

LiLi M. zei

Weg met de pech!!! Positieve krachten komen jullie kant op! (Zit uit alle macht positieve vibes richting Hasselt (het was toch Hasselt?) te zenden) Wees gerust, het tij keert en het geluk lacht jullie toe!