maandag 13 april 2009

Happy Easter tulips

A bit late but still I want you all to have a very nice Easter time.
Easter and tulips for me they go together like peanut butter and jelly.
For these special days I use my Emma Bridgewater , Summer Tulips dinner set. I love the orange and almost black tulips of this design.

This is my Jazzy Tulips quilt.I made it some years agoo but I still love it. It was summer when I made it and I had to buy many yards of fabric before I found the perfect match. One color was always stronger then another one and pushed the other colors out and then I had to buy new fabric but since I bought it online and had to see it in combination with the other colors it took a while before I was pleased with the combinations.

These are my "Ice Tulips". I made them in the same summer as the " Jazzy Tulips" but while the others are all color these are very icey and cool. The tulips look as if they where frozen in time. It would fit my present home decor very well but it resides at my mothers guestroom.
I don't know witch quilt I like best.