maandag 14 september 2009

Three or more Tuesday Pincushions

Today a simple showcasing of the pincushions I have in the house. You have the kind you just have to own like these small tin pincushions in the shape of animals,shoe's and egg. They are not functional at all for a real seamstress. But they are fun to look at.
Then you have the beauty. It is handmade by an artist and I love the whit and the humor in it.You can use it very well but it is to beautiful to use and to fragile. But it makes me smile all day long.

Then you have the functional one. This one I love very much too and I use it all day long, every day.
I saw a simular one as this one in a quilt class I was teaching and I asked the lady where she has bought it. She said a friend who is a wood turner made it for her . Al her quilt friends had one too.
So I ordered one from her and took it to classes I teached. Every one thought this was a beautiful but also very handy thing and wished to buy one too. But the other lady was someone who I only met once or twice so that was not an option.
In the end, another student of mine, had also a friend who was a wood turner and he made all of us these beauty's. In total he made almost 60. All of my quilt lady's wanted one in the end.
He used very beautiful pear wood and every one he made whas slightly different in shape.
He made the yarn holders from sturdy long nails instead of fragile wooden spindlesI have in my first one. He also added a needle holder witch can also holds your timble on top. And I added the hook so I can hook a small pair of scissors on it.
The actual pincushion is half a ball of styrofoam witch can be exchanged when needed. I use this pincushion for more then ten years and it is still as nice as the first day I got it.
I hope you enjoyed my show and tell. See you next week

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Scooterblu's Whimsy~Rhonda zei

Great post! And I love your collection of pin cushions! ~Rhonda :)

Sarah zei

Thank you for sharing these darling pincushions. I, too, have a small collection of the little cushions and other sewing items. My main sewing collection passion is scissors. I plan to share these in a Three or More Tuesday sometime soon. Thanks for stopping by the QCI for a visit. Hope to see you at my blog also. You can find me at
Have a good week. ~ Sarah

Tootsie zei

what a neat collection. I have never seen such pretty pin cushions!

Denise Marie zei

terrific post. I'm in the middle of figuring out if I'm gonna buy my momma 1 on etsy or make one for her because I accidentally broke her storage plastic thing this summer. So, I'm trying to suprise her. :D

Cathy zei

Your pin cushion collection is wonderful. And I love the buttons in an earlier post. You have a wonderful blog and I've enjoyed my visit.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment. Hope you come back again soon.

quitethecrow zei

Hi Nicki...I love that little mouse pincushion! Your plums look great too.