dinsdag 7 juli 2009

Three or more Tuesday Curtain weights

Some 15 years agoo I stumbled on these very heavy things. I had never seen them before. The man in the store told me that this are curtain weights.

I have never seen them in action because they must be more then 100 years old. He told me that in olden days curtains where so heavy and high that people could not close them. So a sort of system was installed with a double row of heavy cords and at the end you could hang one of thesevery heavy weights . By hanging the weights, this would then pull the curtains open....
It is hard to discribe it but I hope you cam invisage something by my discription.
I started looking out for them to see if I could find more. The very first ones I found in later years where almost always the tassel shaped ones. I have 2 more tassel shaped ones then you can see on the picture but I have no place to hang them and one is even missing the eye to hang it. They all differ slightly.
Later I found the two hands holding grapes. But the most special ones are the bird ( a simple dead one or is it the Holy Ghost) and the portrait of the man.
I have never curtain weights shaped like these again.
Now, I no longer look for these weights because I lack the place to hang them but I still find it an interesting collection. Have one of you ever seen them before??

12 opmerkingen:

Gee zei

I have seen that curtain weights before. Thanks for sharing.

Stephanie zei

I've never seen those before. Thanks for sharing! I love to learn something new every day!

Joan@anythinggoeshere zei

I love to learn about things I have never seen before. I think they make a very interesting collection and are all so nicely detailed. Are they always black? Probably because they are iron and weren't really made to show, right?

Charlene zei

I've never seen those before--nice finds!

Carrie zei

I have never seen these before. Very neat!! Love old things.

Dawn zei

I have never seen or heard of them. They are beautiful.

Barb~Bella Vista zei

Hi....I have never seen these before...how interesting. Wonderful collection.



Ok...I see your comment...I come running over...wowza...we have lots in common new friend! Love the curtain weights...fabulous collection! I'll be back to check out you beautiful bloggie home...AND Happy GRAMMY-ness to us! Sigh!!!!!!

Cami @ Creating Myself zei

No...I've neevr seen curtain weights before. Or if I have, I wasn't aware of what they were. Unusual collection...very neat...thansk for sharing it w/ us!

Lori E zei

How unusual. I have never seen or heard of these either. It is nice to see a completely new collection.

bj zei

What a cool thing to collect. I just love them!!

LiLi M. zei

Ge-wel-dig!!! Nog nooit gezien!! En dan heb jij gelijk ook zo'n enorme en mooie collectie, gewoon doorgaan hoor, dan hang je ze gewoon iets dichter op elkaar op!
Fijne dag!