dinsdag 28 juli 2009

Three or more birdcages...and a babygirls room

Once again it is Tree or more Tuesday hosted by http://gypsycorner.blogspot.com/
Today I showcase the birdcages I have collected in the last few years.

These little vintage birdcages are all the rage in Belgium and Holland for the moment. Everyone thinks they are so decorative. I was charmed by them too so I started my little colletion with the white one on the bottom right. It once was black and is a cage for exhibiting birds in on bird shows. You see them quite often on fleamarkets and so and they are still inexpensive to buy.
The very small one on the bottom was my latest find. I bought it at an brocante fair last year and painted it white to fit the baby room.
The blue one is my favorite. This one I got from a forum friend who also has a small antiques shop. I love this one very much.
First all these little cages where in a corner of my livingroom together with the little nest and the oil painting of the doves. But then I found this light garland with the birds at Ikea and I knew I had to incorporate these with the birdcages to go in the baby's room. I makes a nice feature at night for my granddaughter.

I finally finished my granddaughters room. It took a bit longer then I had planned but I is ready now. It could do with some more finishing touches but it is almost there.
Next to the bird cage wall is the bookcase. I am sad I did not have a vintage bookcase to put here but I had 4 of these Billie bookcases from Ikea in this room before it became Anne-Fleur's room so I had to use at least one of them. For years I have been collecting Pop-Up books and now there is finally a little girl who will for sure enjoy them in the coming years.

Next to the bookcase is a little vintage desk and the chair from my grandmothers kitchen. I still see her sitting on that chair peeling potatoes and so. I also have her kitchen table but that one was to big for this room. I want to paint the little table white I think. This is one of the things I still need to do. If you then turn to your right you then will see the bed my parents bought for me to sleep in when I was a little baby. I painted it a aqua kind of blue and matched it with a quilt that I made myself and some lace Ikea curtains. The old red chair is to be recovered. That is the second thing I still want to do but I am hessitating to do it myself because it is a difficult but beautiful shape. This is one of my better vintage finds. I only paid about 35 dollars for it.To your left under the window, stands this also vintage and very small baby's highchair. I bougth it many years agoo to display the replica porcelain doll's in that I made some 20 years agoo. This one sitting in the chair is the very first and one I made and the only once I made handmade clothes for. The doll sits on one my very first babyquilt. It is more then 20 years old.This delightful metal flowering walllight I bougt from the same lady where I bought the blue birdcage from. It was just perfect for this room.Anne-Fleur's daddy made this drawing when he was 5 or 6 years old. I found it last year when we where clearing our attic out. It fits the room perfectly. Anne-Fleur's room was her daddy's room for almost 25 years !I you turn again, you see the dresser and the shelving unit. The dresser was bought when our daughter was a baby and I will now use it as a changing station. On the shelving unit sit a very special toy. My very special Cotton Rabbit all dressed out in pink with white kitty's on her skirt!

I love her!! Next to the dresser this beautiful hook with a glass flower. I found these last year in a German Ebay store. The thing still missing in this room are my two oilpaintings of my fifties girls. I especially wanted to be in this room but they are nowhere to be found. The lays for years at the same place in my closet and when I wanted to put them up I could not find them anymore.

This is my last birdcage. I think I will move it to the baby's room too. I now resides in the bathroom. This is a very special birdcage for me. My husband and I got it for our silver wedding anniversary. Whe where surprised by this gift until we remover the paper inside the cage. Out came a beautiful bronze statue of two birds on a branch by the famous French animalier sculpter André Vincent Becquerel. I will show it to you next week.

Hope you enjoyed my birdcage and babyroom story's. Until next week and thanks for visiting.

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Lori E zei

How lucky your granddaughter is to have this room. So many personal touches make it really special.

susan zei

Your son's drawing fits perfectly in the room. How special to have it for your granddaughter! Your bird cages are beautiful!

Anoniem zei


Het is een prachtige kamer voor onze kleine spruit.... van harte bedankt... ze gaat er veel plezier in beleven.


bj zei

What a wonderful collection you have. I have been wanting a birdcage on a vintage stand for a number of years now. We always had a singing canary when I was young and I'll give just about anything to have the cage and stand now. Wonder where it went? Garage sale? Probably..:O)
Thanks for stopping by..please come back.

Chris zei

What a great collection! The bird lights are very clever.

Your granddaughter's room is beautiful. What little girl wouldn't love being there? Great job grandma!

Christi @ A Southern Life zei

So many wonderful touches for your lucky little granddaughter. I love the bird cages. You have done a beautiful job!


sue zei

Oh how wonderful to have you visit me from Belgium! Thank you for the compliments on my room makeover. Your granddaughters room is so sweet, I love the bed, desk and chair, all with wonderful memories attached! I also love the touches with the wall light, picture from your son, quilt and dolls and Oh of course the fabulous birdcages, love them! The wallpaper looks perfect with the bed too! Please stop by again, nice to meet you! Sue

Cami @ Creating Myself zei

Your granddaughter's room is charming! And it has so many familial memories attached to it!

I have a collection of vintage birdcages too...love your's! And that bird light garland is too cool!

Candy zei

I did enjoy the tour and history of each piece. Most special is the chair your grandmother sat in to peel potatoes and much more I sure. Hope you find those sweet girl paintings and looking forward to seeing the bird statue next week.
Thanks for coming by my place.

Enchanted Rose Studio zei

You have made so many beautiful touches in your granddaughter's room. The wallpaper is so pretty and the painting your son did is perfect! Your birdcages are adorable! Lucky little girl, such a beautiful room you've made for her!


♥Itajeff♥ @Something To Share zei

Wonderful room with beautiful touches.
Have a nice day


xinex zei

Your granddaughter's room is so cute. She must feel very special and very much loved. The bed is adorable! Thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean about making you cry when Shirley Temple's dad comes back from the war in the movie. It makes me cry too and guess what! We have the same age. LOL!....Christine

denisemarie in Houston, TX zei

OMG, I love every single thing!! I can't believe this room. I would have to sit up there and rock or read to that girlie with a cup of coffee. What a loving G'ma you are!! I can't believe how awesome your bird lights are too.

Blessings to you xoxo!

Barb zei

Gorgeous room!!
I bet she loves it.

Love you bird cages.
Of course if you've spent much time over at my place you know how i love nests. =0)

Blessings and thanks for coming by,
Barbara jean

Neabear zei

What a pretty room for your granddaughter! I love the birdcage collection. Thank you for visiting me too! I am glad you came by!

LiLi M. zei

Ik ben ook dol op vogelhuisjes en vogelkooitjes, ik verzamel ze hier op het balkon (nou ja goed er staan er ook een paar binnen ;-) sinds we hier in dit huis wonen. Ik vind de Pip kamer voor je kleindochter geweldig geworden!! Bravo! Alles zo persoonlijk en mooi bij elkaar, heel goed gedaan!
Op mijn kamertje doe ik van alles, behalve scrapping, dat heb ik nog nooit gedaan! Maar naaien, schilderen, verven, tekenen, noem het maar op, het gebeurt er!
Fijne dag!

Anoniem zei
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