dinsdag 21 juli 2009

Three or more Hydrangea's

Since my earliest years we had hydrangea's in our garden. The garden where I grew up with was very small but from what I remember it had one big pink hydrangea bush in it and one lilac tree.
It was the same variety as shown below.
A big pink tub filled with an enormous plant of pink hydrangea's. A parting gift from my quilting lady's.

When I married we had no hydrangea's in our garden for a good many years.
Since rearanging our garden we have lots in lots of types and colours.

A new variety for me. The flowers are a kind of purple/red and it has big heads of flowers. I think they will dry up most beautiful in autumm.

I can't keep blue hydrangea's very well. They all turn pink or lilac. These where support to be blue mopheads.The purest white. I planted these in big tubs too. Don't know if that is a good idea when it gets cold.I don't like lacecaps as much als mopheads but these are kind of niceThe Annabelle's are enormous this year. Flowerheads as big as 30 cm / 12 " across. But when it rains the stems break because of the heavynes of the flowerheads. So sad. But up to now we have been lucky and there has not been to much damage.I love this variety. The softest pink and something between a mophead and a lacecap.
There are tree varieties missing. A very pale blue one that is supposed to flower all summer and a very special one with very dark leaves and white flowers trimmed with pink/orange. But these have not done so well. We have had a very warm June and I planted them in sunny place. It was a place that is too hot for them. I need to find another spot.

We also have a lot of blue lacecaps,I think they are calles Blue Moon, but they have not done eather this year and I don't like them at all. Hydrangea's should be blowsy and fat and this variety is nothing like that.

See you next week for the next Tree or more.

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Gee zei

Love your hyrangeas very much. The white hyrangea seemed different. Most of the time, we see purple hyrangeas but yours consist of variety of colours. Thanks for sharing.

Candy zei

Always like seeing these huge blossoms, so pretty. Sorry to read about your dad, but what you did for him is priceless and full of love. And I do understand about our kids, or g-kids not knowing the wonderful relatives that came before them.

Blessings, Candy

Christi @ A Southern Life zei

Love your hydrangeas. We learned in Master Gardeners how the color of hydrangeas is affected by the Ph of the soil. To get more blue, add aluminum to the soil. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures.


xinex zei

I love your hydrangeas. How I wish I could keep mine that healthy. Somehow, I can get them to bloom. Maybe because they are in pots and I haven't planted them...Christine

Blue Creek Home zei

Absolutely beautiful! I love hydrangeas.
Thanks for coming over.

♥Itajeff♥ @Something To Share zei

I only have 1 word to describe it..'BEAUTIFUL'
Have a nice day


Chris zei

Wonderful photos! Hydrangeas are a favorite of mine, Thanks for sharing them.


Lori E zei

I wish my hydrangeas would bloom like that. Pitiful little things here.
If the rains are coming just cut the blooms to enjoy indoors and then let them dry.

Melissa Miller zei

It's so nice to meet you! I really appreciate your kind visit to my blog today. You're always welcome!

Your Hydrangeas are simply beautiful. What lovely colors and the size is wonderful.

I wanted to thank you for recognizing Chestnut's breed as a Maine Coon! Thank you! You are the first to notice. You must know so much about them being a breeder. How fun!

We found him in our backyard as a teenty two pound kitten on Christmas Eve of 03' and he just kept on getting huge. He's a whopping 21 pounds and 3 1/2 feet long. We only recently figured out he must be a Maine Coon due to his larger size. I watched a show on Animal Planet that described them and it mentioned the "M" on the forehead as well. He has that too! Anything else we should look for to be sure? I have always wondered about him. He's also my first cat.

Have a blessed day.
~Warmly, Melissa :)

PS Your cat is gorgeous that you are holding. ~Great picture! :)

LiLi M. zei

Laat ik nou ook net vandaag onze hortensias gefotografeerd hebben. Mooi hè? Ik ben persoonlijk niet zo'n fan van de Annabelle, juist vanwege het 'neerslaan' door de regen. Ik had het erover met mijn tante en die zei dat als je ze steeds heel goed terugsnoeit dat ze dan beter blijven staan. Mijn buurvrouw heeft een perk vol en ieder jaar liggen ze weer over de grond te dweilen, zonde! Nee, geef mij maar die boerenbollen, die hier ook allemaal roze worden, wel verschillende tinten, maar toch. Wat een plezier heb je er van hè van juni tot de vorst bloeien ze, heerlijk!

(nog op zoek naar de Hasseltse tegels!)

Melissa Miller zei

Hello again, :)
Thank you for getting back to me and your helpful information. Chestnut's forehead to his nose is a definite dip not a slope. I think you mean straight down right? He does have large paws with tufts of hair in between. No tufts on the ears though. Or at least they are very tiny. I'm sure you are correct and he is not a full breed due to being a stray. He is our happy and spoiled baby boy. We love him very much.

I would enjoy seeing your MC website. I'm having a hard time finding it? Is the link displayed on your blog? Where should I look?

Have a wonderful day.
~Melissa :)

Joan@anythinggoeshere zei

Beautiful hydrangeas. I love them in all they colors and varieties.Yours all look wonderful.

Bumble Bee Cottage zei

I love hydrangeas as well. I have planted one so far in our garden but I think the soil is too dry for it (and I forget to water it as much as I should!) so I think I will move it in Autumn to a more regularly watered area of the garden. If you would like to make your hydrangeas blue you need two things; an acidic soil (ph 5.2-5.5) and there needs to be aluminium sulphate present in the soil. In Australia you could purchase a liquid which you watered onto your plants to make the soil conditions correct for blue hydrangeas. This was available in hardware shops or garden centres. I agree with you, I don’t like lacecaps that much either, the bigger and fatter the hydrangea the better.