donderdag 9 juli 2009

Anne-Fleur's room take 2

As you can see our granddaughters room is still not decorated. I have been busy in the week that my husband was out of the country but it all took much more time then I thought.
Clearing up 4 bookcases full of books, putting them in another place, sorting out the books and putting them back was a big, big job.
The week after my husband came back it was very hot here in Belgium and when it is hot, I can do nothing! I can't stand the heat. Never could, not even when I was young. When everyone was at the beach I was reading a book in our holiday apartment.
So the work stopped for a whole week.
Now the books all have their place and I just need to put one spare bookcase in the cellar.
Today I stripped the brown wallpaper and tomorrow I hope to get the new wallpaper on the wall. I must pull myself together to start because it all makes such a mess.
By the end of next week I want the room to be finished. I just have to keep going on and just do it!
As you can see the bookcase is filled with all childrens books. I have been collecting Pop-up books for years and have over 100. There are also some books from when I was young and some from my children.
I also collected some picturebooks about ....cats.
All those books are in the bookcase so Anne-Fleur can start whenever she 's ready for it!

2 opmerkingen:

LiLi M. zei

Wat leuk pop-up boeken! Daar heb ik ook een kleine verzameling van, vooral poppenhuis boeken! Ik kan me zo goed voorstellen hoe je al bij voorbaat geniet van het uitzoeken van de boeken, dat wordt straks nog meer genieten! Voorlezen vonden onze kids altijd geweldig, zelf lezen iets minder. En je hebt gelijk dat je direct een poezenboek verzameling aangelegd hebt Oma Poes!

jeanne zei

Oh my goodness, I loved your Christmas in July post. I just started to get some coffee and decided to answer your Foodie Friday comment first. That was a while ago. Your trees and cat stories and photos are wonderful. I had so much fun and delight in reading your post today. The truffles sound so good and I cam imagine myself trying them but at this moment my coffee is waiting.

All my grands went home yesterday. I am loving some missed time on my computer.

Wishing you a happy day today.