donderdag 30 juli 2009

Foody Friday family barbeque

Two years agoo, my father died of Alzheimer disease just like my father in law did last week...
Since the dead of my father we try to come together with the family around the date that dad was born and have a get together in his memory. We had started having these Birthday BBQ a few years before Dad died and mom tought it would be a good idea to keep doing them and so remembering Dad's birthday by.
This gathering took place last sunday.We where lucky with the weather and
like always we had a good day with lots of food and drinks and with lots of laughs.
Of course I had to make something too and I invented a summer vegetable salad that I named:
Victorine kitchen garden salad.

Victorine is my fathers mother and she was a farmers wife. They had a fabulous kitchen garden of witch I have fond memory's of. See the september topic of red apples from last year.
So in honour of her and her kitchen garden I made this salad.
It contains masses of fresh veg and a rather special dressing.

Combine steamed of parboiled pieces of carrot, green beans, snowpeas, cauliflower, white Belgian Asparagues together with raw pieces of celary, zucchini and tiny tomatoes.
I cook all my vegetables separate because they all need different cooking times. I leave them crunchy as well. You af course can take other vegeatbles also.
Then I created this dressing

Creamy sour cream and lemon dressing

Combine one small tub of sour cream with two heaped TS of good mayo.
Put 4 tablespoons of white wine vinigair in ( mine was flavered with minth), salt, pepper, some dryed salad herbs and the grated rind of a washed and untreaded lemon. It gives you a thick creamy dressing. Make it fairly acid at this time since. The salad needs this.

Toss together an hour before serving. The vegatables wil dilute the saladdressing a bit.

As always my younger brother was the barbeque master.

Here we are still on the appetizersGuacamole and a spicy cold mango soup and spicy meatballs with tzaziki.

After the appetizers there chicken drumsticks, pork tenderloin, small steaks, lam cutlets, sausages and all different kind of salads to go with it. For desert I made my mini cupcakes. Mom said, not to much and to big since I just want a little nibble to go with the coffee. I said of course,Mom and brought 60 tiny cupcakes.....Lemon cupcakes with lemoncurd buttercream and blueberry topping.And the all time favorite chocolade cupcakes with pink buttercream and raspberry topping. Of course there where way to many as there was way to much food anyway but I did not hear complains when they where asked to take the leftovers home. I heard the last cc 's where eaten yesterday and they where as nice as they where on sunday! I am still looking for insets for the cakeboxes for mini cupcakes. Can find them anywhere in Europe and the American shops won't send them because I do not want 1000 or so and posting is so expensive! If anyone can help it would be most apreciated.

It was a very nice family day and the star of the day was of course.....the latest addition to our family, our little granddaughter, Anne-Fleur!

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Lori E zei

What a wonderful feast you guys have put together. A great honour for your father.
Of course the baby steals the show.

Rhonda @ Shellbelle's Tiki Hut zei

What a wonderful way to honor your father!

The salad looks great and I'm going to try that dressing. Your cupcakes are amazing little works of art, I am so impressed!

The Fajdich Times zei

What a wonderful feast in memory of your father. Everything looks great, expecially the cupcakes. The baby is so cute:)

Walking with the Lord zei

This looks SO GOOD! Especially the meats! Wish you had added some grilling recipes--maybe next year when you honor your father agaain? The cupcakes look amazing! Blessings...

SavoringTime in the Kitchen zei

What a wonderful idea to honor your father this way. Your BBQ looks wonderful and all the treats look delicious!


Bill zei

It all looks beautiful and delicious! It's a lovely way to honor your father and his mother (naming your vegetable dish in memory of her). Your little cupcakes are works of art!
Thank you for sharing your special day with us.

LiLi M. zei

Mmm wat ziet dat er allemaal heerlijk uit! Geen zwarte randen om het vlees, complimenten voor je broertje! De recepten kan ik nu -zo tegen etenstijd- echt niet lezen. Die cupcakes! Het water staat me in de mond, maar als je (moeder) er 60 maakt...dan ben je toch zó door een voorraadje van 1000! Fijn weekend!

ps. nog steeds de tegels niet vergeten hoor, maar ik heb hier vakantie en dan kom ik nauwelijks in het kolenhok (=werk). Eigenlijk was ik het wél vergeten en als jij dan iets post dan denk ik....oja...nog....
Nog even geduld dus!

LiLi M. zei

Vergeet ik helemaal iets over het allermooiste van je post te zeggen, dat kan natuurlijk niet! Wat een schatje je kleindochter. Ik kan me zo voorstellen dat je er enorm naar uitkijkt dat je schoondochter weer aan het werk gaat!

Christi @ A Southern Life zei

What a wonderful way to remember your father. Your salad looks so good and the dressing sounds so fresh and yummy. Your cupcakes look divine!


Elkie zei

In afwachting van minicupcake holders is deze link mss interessant:

Geen "officiële" minicupcake holder, maar wel goed gevonden ;-)

(Je moet wel ongebruikte eierdozen gebruiken. Of plastieken die je kan uitwassen.)

Elaine zei

That's just such a lovely way to honor your loved one, and all of the food looked so delicious! I am certainly going to try your Vegetable Salad. I know it is something we will really like at my house.

imjacobsmom zei

Your family celebration looked very yummy! Thanks for that tasty salad and dressing recipe. Your cupcakes are outstanding. Little Anne-Fluer is the cutest! ~ Robyn

Jennifer zei

What an amazing feast. I LOVED the guacamole in the little glasses, what a great idea. The cupcakes were breathtaking.

Nicole Feliciano zei

What a feast. Invite me next time?