woensdag 9 april 2008

It is show your doll day too!!

This is little Sasha. This is the only doll my daughter ever really loved. It was also her first doll.
She got her when she was two. She got it in return for promising not sucking het dummie anymore. I gave her Sasha and she gave me her dummie and she never sucked another dummie!!

I was glad to have a daughter and showered her with dolls. But sadly my daughter had nothing with dolls.
The little redhaired sister of Sasha is still new in her box.

The only doll she ever loved again was Pietertje (little Peter). He was a real baby boy doll if you get my drift and he is the size and the weight of a newborn baby. Anne- Marie loved the fact that she could feed him and he then did a little wee aan she could change his diaper and so on...It was the last doll she was given.
We gave her books instead of dolls. And she is still a very avid reader.She really adores her books.

So my attic if full with two boxes of unplayed dolls... The only funny thing is when we cleared the attic last summer she did not want me to sell or give away all these old dolls.
Will there ever be another little girl to play with them or will they forever be boxed up in the attic?? I wonder....

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M. zei

Die 'little Peter' is een echt knuffelpop! Tja, meisjes... de een houdt van poppen, de ander laat ze links liggen. Bij ons speelt ons oudste meiske ook bijna nooit met poppen, terwijl de jongste dan weer altijd goed haar 'kindjes' verzorgt. Ik vind het wel een goed idee van je dat je al die poppen (met een herinnering en een verhaal) bewaard hebt. Liefs, Marjolijn

Betzie zei

Your daughter may change as she gets older and want all her dolls back, plus the ones you made too! I liked playing with dolls when I was little, but wanted nothing to do with collecting them. I was a hands on girl. LOL Thanks for visiting my blog!

Elly zei

Wat leuk dat je ook aan de doll-day meegedaan hebt! Mijn dochtertje is een echte meid, maar met poppen speelt ze nooit, alhoewel ze ze wel erg leuk vindt om naar te kijken. Ik was vroeger een echte barbie-meid, maar ook gek op m'n poppen. Tja, het zit in je of niet denk ik!

Scooterblu's Whimsy zei

Hi, It is so nice to meet you! You are the first person I have met from Belgium! :) Thank you for the information on the doll making class and mold! I'm glad you shared that! I love the Peter doll. He is so life like, no wonder your daughter loved him! I was a lot like your daughter, I played with Barbies occasionally, but not dolls. I was more into books! But as I got older, even after college, I developed more of a fondness for collecting vintage dolls!

Stop by my blog again, when you get the chance! Would love to hear from you again! :) Take Care! ~Rhonda

PS...I love the oil bird painting that you have posted on another entry, that you got from Ebay and your birdcage! How pretty! :)

vosgesparis zei

tsja de tijd zal t leren of er een nieuw kindje in de familie komt om met de poppen te spelen ;)

LiLi M. zei

Jaa poppen! Leuk die Sasha!
Ik ga nog even naar je thriftshop avonturen.
Ik ben inmiddels ook op pas geweest!

3rdEyeMuse zei

both are little treasures - thanks for sharing. :)

I was a few days late, but did post my own favorites ... if you are interested, feel free to stop by: http://3rdeyemuse.blogspot.com/2008/04/doll-party-worse-than-fashionably-late.html

Cheers! ~M~

Stephanie zei

Thanks so much for sharing your daughter's dolls. It is too funny that she now doesn't want you to get rid of them! Maybe there will be other little girls in your family that will love to play with them!

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