dinsdag 29 april 2008

Dessert Carnival

These are the mini desserts I made for Christmas.It was a big fashion this year to make all these small desserts.

You can see fresh pineapple cubes baked in butter and dark sugar and the seed of a vanilla pod. Cooled en topped with a scoop of coconut ice cream.

A glass with a layer of stewed little cubes of apples seasoned with cinnamon, a layer of stewed berries and topped with a previously baked and cooled crumble crumbs.

Pears stewed in Poire Williams and honey with a very fine thin cookie

Mascarpone creme topped with fresh stawberrys that where marinated in orange juice or orange liqueur.

Stewed apple cubes topped with baked dice of what we call "peperkoek".

You best can exchange "peperkoek" with a cubes of a spiced cake. "Peperkoek " has all kind of spices in it like ginger, cinnamon, cloves and so on and honey witch makes it a soft but chewy kind of "bread " or cake. We here in Belgium eat it for breakfast or as a snack in the afternoon sometimes we put some butter on the slices. The Dutch also know it but call it "Ontbijtkoek". People never make it themsselves but buy it storemade. It is a very old kind of "bread". Bread nor cake, nor cookie is the exact word for it. It is something in between all these things.

On the left you see a glass with a layer of a white coconut pudding, a layer of stewed berries and topped with crumbles of "speculaas"
Speculaas is a sort of gingerbread cookie but it has more cinnamon in it then ginger. It is a typical Belgian / Dutch spicy cookie that is mostly baked in winter for the holidays but is also a much loved cookie that you can buy the whole year round.

The last one is a simple skewer with fresh fruit and you serve warm chocolate sauce with it to dip the fruit in.


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A Woman Who is: zei

I love this idea. I might have to steal this one for my next party. All your mini desserts look so lovely. Coconut ice cream? mmm I have never tried that, sounds yummy.

krystyna zei

I like your mini dessert.
Desserts with fruits I like spacially.
Good that I can see your dessert in a large size.
It will be good for me to see "peperkoek" in a large version too and singly.

So yummy and beautiful!

Creating Myself zei

What a wonderful array of desserts! I am soo copying you at my next shin-dig. ;o) Love the fruit kabobs too...great job! Your mini-desserts are very TopChef'ish (don't know if you get that show in Belgium but it's a cooking competition).

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too zei

I love your goodies. I was not so creative but I do have a cute poem to celebrate the day!

PEA zei

Such a wonderful idea to use different shaped glasses to put these desserts in. I must try that this summer, I know my guests would love it...me too:-) Thank you so much for sharing your desserts with us! xo

Beverly zei

Your array of desserts look quite tempting and sound delicious.

I like the way you are serving them because they are small enough that someone could try more than one.

Thanks for sharing with all us. Come visit me sometime at http://howsweetthesound.typepad.com/

Lydia zei

Hello, Your dessert looks so good. I will surely try it out. Thanks for sharing this recipe! Have a great day.

Marina Capano zei

so tasty! I love it! I hope you visit my dessert!
nice to meet you!

Marina Capano zei

thank sos very much for your comments, and you have nice cat in the pictures, I love cats!!! so cute! I put more fun pictures in my post, and i hope you in my party!!!

Dawn-Hydrangea Home zei

Nicky - love those desserts - especially because my dad was born in Belgium and I have family there too that I have never met!

Solange zei

thanks for the nice comments on my blog! I just checked yours and I like your dessert, very good :-)

have a good day,