dinsdag 25 augustus 2009

Three or more Tuesday cups with or without saucers

Of course we all have cups and saucers in the house. I do too but I also have a few very special ones and these I want to show you today.
The first one is from the famous Irish factory of Belleek. For those who do not know it, this factory is famous for its paper thin porcelain. A lot of their earlier collections are in the form of shell's. So is this delicate cup. You wonder if ever anybody drank tea out of these cups. You can see right trough the porcelain. They also call it eggshell porcelain. That is a very good name for this kind of porcelain.
Sadly I do not have the saucer but I will surch to find one so the set is compleet.

This is I think a very old cup. It is what is called Lustre ware. You see the shiny rosy golden stripe on the rim and on the foot. On the one side there is a landscape with a castle and on the other side is a lady in 1820's dress walking a lurcher.

This is a very,very old cup and saucer. It must date from about 1780! You can tell this by the fact that it has a very deep saucer and there is no rim to hold the cup in place in the saucer. This is something you only see in very old saucers.
The saucers is handpainted with a Chinese scene and is very fresh in colour with all that pink and green and red.

This is a totally different kettle of fish. These cups and plate (it is not a saucer) is made by the for us well know porcelain factory of Maastricht. This is a Dutch company that does not exist anymore. It was situated in the town of Maastricht. This town sits on the border of Belgium and Holland. I had an uncle who worked in that factory in the sixty's.
This is from their childrens range of Little Red Riding Hood. It is such fun. I hope that in a few years my little granddaughter will enjoy it.
For next week I promise some other beautiful cup and saucers.

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The Lazy Peacock zei

what a beautiful collection! i especially like the red riding hood one.

Candy zei

Nice colorful collection. Good luck on finding a saucer for the shell cup.
Also looked down through your cat picture collection. Love the black and white fat cat in the middle.
I'm sure you granddaughter will have fun playing tea party with Little Red Riding Hood.
Thanks for stopping by and see ya next time ;-)

Neabear zei

Your cups are so pretty. I love the seashell one. How delicate! Thank you for visiting me today!


Blue Creek Home zei

What a beautiful collection. I can't decide which one I like the best. I think they are all my favorites. Beautiful. Rhonda

Sarah zei

Thanks for sharing these cute little dishes! And so happy you stopped by for a visit at Hyacinths.
Hope to see you again!


Lori E zei

I was just about to leave a comment when the birds singing grabbed my attention. I thought it was coming from my yard and was about to get up and look when I realized my windows were closed and the sounds were coming from your site. Ha.

LiLi M. zei

Het is erg, maar ik ga ook voor de roodkapjes! Wat een leuke collecties hier weer, ben benieuwd waar je de volgende keer weer mee komt!

DeniseMarie zei

fun post. TFS

Blondie's Journal zei

Very nice pieces!! I have always been a fan of Belleek. I live in an Irish neighborhood in Chicago and SO many people have tons of it!! It is so pretty. I love the lattice piece behind the cup in the first picture! How nice to have pieces from all over!!