maandag 17 augustus 2009

Three or more candle holders

Despite the fact I hardly ever burn candles, this is because I can't trust the cats around them, it seems I have a lot of candle holders. The ones I show you are not all the ones I have. There is in the house at least another pair of slender wooden ones and a very tall modern single candle holder that I can think of.
The candle holder above is Art Deco in style and was made by a Belgian company called Thulin. I collected some of its ware a while agoo. This range called "Airain " always has the green and black color combination. A very typical Art Deco combination. I like the shape of this piece very much.

This candle holder holds special memory's for me since it was a gift from my late father. He had a friend who was cleaning out his garage and he wanted to trow this candle holder away. My father asked if he could have it because, I think this would be something that my daughter liked, he said. He gave me the candle holder on my next visit and I indeed liked it. I does not do it's job very well. I never have found a candle that would fit the thing so candles always topple over. So this is one never to be used but also never to trow away....

A very cheap wall sconce but I love it. It is modeled on an antique one. You can take the candle away and close the sconce so it will take less place.

Anonther antique Art deco piece. This is from one of my other collections. It is made by the world famous Val saint Lambert crystal factory's in there Luxval depression glass range. It is still a very handsome piece and I love the strong Art deco lines.

This last stately candle holder is one of my price finds in a second hand shop. I was abble to buy it for the equivivalent of 20$. If I wanted I could replate it and it would be very pretty on my table. But I like its shabby chic feel and I will keep it like this.
Thanks for looking. See you next week!

6 opmerkingen:

Greyscale Territory zei

Fascinating and beautiful series of candleholders! especially love the interesting shape of the first one!

LiLi M. zei

Hallo Nicky, Ik geloof dat jij, net als ik hoor, ook aardig wat verzamelingetjes hebt! Toch grappig dat juist bij jouw favorieten een exemplaar zit dat iemand anders net weg wilde gooien; one man's trash is another girls' treasure! Laat dat nu ook net mijn favoriet zijn. Ik wens je een fijne dag!

Chris zei

Love candlesticks & sconces. You have some pretty ones!

Happy Tuesday,

DeniseMarie zei

very the 1st one and the candelabra.

Carrie zei

Ohh, you have some great designs among you candle holders. Thanks for sharing!

Anoniem zei

Good morning - catching up on all your recent have been very busy! Your Granddaughters room turned out so sweet...what pleasant dreams she must have. Your cupcake desserts show your talents off beautifully and what a fascinating collection of bird cages and candleholders you have. Thank you for sharing with us.