dinsdag 11 augustus 2009

Three or more cat paintings

Today, my big boy, Jack, the first Maine Coon I ever bought is celebrating his 10th birthday. He is the kind of cat you don't want. He sprays, even after being castrated for 9 years of his life and he is not the cuddle type that sits on your lap.But never the less (and only other catlovers can understand) I love him dearly.
So, to celebrate this birthday I show you my collection of cat pictures that I collected over the years. This is the cat picture wall, situated in the cat room. As a catbreeder I needed a room for the cats for when they are sick or pregnant or for when I have kittens. So when the children left the house a small bedroom was rearrangd to accomodate the cats.

This and the picture below are the work of Elie Harper. Her husband is very famous in the US and I love these funny catpictures that hang in our living room.
On the above a cat is looking at the snow outside, peeping from under the blinds

This second one from Elie Harper is a cat looking trough a fish bowl.

The work of this lady is totally different. On the cat picture wall I have two other small painting of her. She works a lot in green and depicts a lot of cats. Her name is Sarah Kiser. The other two pictures are on the top left in the cat room. You see immediatly the likeness to these two pictures.

This could be a painting of Jack but it is not. When I saw this one on Ebay I absolutely wanted it. All these pictures come from the USA and are all bought trough Ebay.

A very small painting only as big as a postcard.

This one, also from Ebay, also reminded me of Jack somehow and it was given to me for my birthday by my daughter.
Jack, darling, I love you and I wish you a very happy birthday. Tonight before bedtime we will celebrate with a few cans of tuna. Together with your 10 other friend we will make a party!

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LiLi M. zei

Congrats to Jack, have a great Tuna party tonight with your bro's and sissies and the rest of the family, have fun! And please give Nicky a hug from me too, just for once ;-)!

Gee zei

Love your posting and i love all the cat pictures. Thanks for sharing and happy tuesday.

Blue Creek Home zei

That a lot of cool cats!!!
Happy Birthday Jack.

Shirley zei

Jack looks great for 10. All your cat paintings are a treasure. Happy birthday Jack!

Chari zei


Ahhh...Happy Birthday to Jack! I have a cat that is much like your Jack...he is a long haired Siamese. I raised him from the beginning...handled and loved on him...but alas, he is the most unfriendly creature...nevertheless, I love him! Hehe!

Loved looking through all of your cat paintings! The abstract paintings are fun but I really love all the realistic paintings of the cats...just beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Warmest wishes,

Lori E zei

Jack is a beauty. Our male sprayed after being fixed too. Mostly on my husbands truck wheels. Uh oh.
My favorite picture is the fat black and white kitty. It makes me smile.

Christi @ A Southern Life zei

Great collections. Congrats to Jack. He is very handsome.