dinsdag 5 januari 2010

Three or more of L'Heure Bleue

A few years agoo I was looking trough a french dictionary to find some beautiful names for my kittens and I found the expression : l' Heure Bleue witch means as much as 'the blue hour'.
I never heard from this expression but found it so poetic that I kept in in my kitten name list together with some other french expressions.
Last year in March we had 1 solid blue Maine Coon kitten and that was for me the upportunity to use that name.
He is now a strapping lad of 9 months old and still caries the name Bleue. But a Bleu Hour I had never seen....

On sunday morning I was up and about fairly early since I had to prepare a New Year dinner party for 10 people and there it was....'l Heure Bleue in all its glory.

Fresh snow on the ground and that incredible blue light over the entire would.
It was as poetic as the French expression. The Blue Hour.

For those who still not know what it means. Well the French use that expression for the hour when the night changes in the day. And that was exactly when it happened. It was around 8am when I saw this incredible sight!

I wish you all a very nice day.

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♥Ilse♥ (Rood met witte stipjes) zei

what a beautiful cat!!

Sarah zei

This is the most beautiful post. Bleue is a handsome guy, and the moment you captured that morning is incredible. Thank you for sharing this interesting French expression. I've saved it in my book of thoughts. Do you know about Blue Monday @ Smiling Sally's? This would be a perfect Blue Monday post. You should link to it next week. Or I'd be happy to link this post to my Blue Monday post. In fact, may I do that? Others need to see this!
Thanks for stopping by to visit and telling me about the German tea towels. I'll do an eBay search. Not that I need to be feeding this adiction. LOL Tea towels seem to just find me though and that makes me oh so happy! ~ Sarah

Lori E zei

What a good looking kitty.
I have never seen a hue in the sky quite like that.
Some days it pays to get out of bed a little early doesn't it.

Martha zei

What a beautiful cat -- our daughter has a Maine Coon -- but it's yellow! The blue is a really pretty color!

Barbara Jean zei

Those are very beautiful pictures!

Thanks for coming by and looking at my tinware.

blessings and Happy New Year.

barbara jean

Gypsy aka Tam zei

What a wonderful post! Thank you so much for not only sharing the great pictures of your cat but also the breathtaking images of the blue hour.
Have a wonderful day,

laurie @ bargain hunting zei

Beautiful! Sarah sent me to look at this, and I'm so glad I did. laurie

Andrea zei

Hello, it's been a while since I have visited your blog and as I was updating Stella's blog, it was a good time to visit and make sure my list is still up-to-date.
I love your Maine Coons! They are absolutely gorgeous. I'd travel all the way to Belgium to have one. Just beautiful. The name fits her perfectly. Andrea