zondag 31 mei 2009

Garden Party to come

Hello fellow bloggers,

We are actually having a garden party today so bear with me and come and visit me late today since I am very busy organising this party. We are celebrating the baptism of our granddaugher and I am hosting two party's this weekend. We had one on saterday for 30 family members and today I am hosting another party for about 80 people. I do all the catering myself so come and visit our party's and my garden later today!

2 opmerkingen:

Manuela zei

jeetje...petje af!!!

veel succes met je feestjes!

probeer ook te genieten


Anoniem zei

Your cake for little Anne-Fleur is just as beautiful as your granddaughter's name...what a talented baker and chef you are! Hope you are rested up from all the preparations - what a memorable day for you and your family. I have added your blog to my favorite places to visit. And thank you for visiting my own front porch in Wisconsin. Your recipes sounds so intriguing.