maandag 19 oktober 2009

Three or more Tuesday Art Deco glass

Some 10 years agoo I saw this vase in an antiques fair and I was stuck by its beautiful Art Deco form.I had just enough money to buy it and brought it home. I like the shape with the two wings very much so I went off in surch of more vases with wings.
I found a couple more and on those trips I learned that this vase was called " Romeo" and it was from the famous Belgian Cristal factory of Val st Lambert.
I came from there Luxval range. A range of glass that was made during the depression time when people did not have the money for fancy cut crystal.
A few years later I ommitted my search for vases with "wings" and started collecting only Luxval glass. So I came across the little sister of the vase 'Romeo' and found this shape .It has the same wings and the same pattern.It was the sellers of this " Mais" or corn vase that told me the story of Luxval and gave me some information on shapes to look for.
This 'Footballers' vase is one of the most seached after models.You want believe it but instead of finding this in my own country I detected it on Ebay USA. After thinking a while if I should take the risk I bought it and it was shipped and arrived in a perfect state.
After two years I stopped collecting Luxval.Not because I had everything, no, not at all but because I lack the space to place it in my house.
And I do not want to have a collection and then have to store it in the cellar.
On a later date some more of my collection of about 110 pieces.

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Maggie B zei

Hi Poppedijne
Love the vases, you must show us more soon!

shopannies zei

love the vases my favorite is the footballer

LiLi M. zei

Je weet natuurlijk dat ik een fotografisch geheugen hebt hè en dat ik natuurlijk terug kom op jouw belofte om ons meer van die prachtige vazen te laten zien. Schitterend! Verzamel je alleen transparant of ook nog gekleurd glas? Anders kun je volgende week zo al een nieuwe ronde beginnen!

NM zei

Thanks so much for coming over to visit my blog. I'm glad you came because now I have seen your lovely blog. I really love your Art Deco vases. Can't wait to see what you share next time.
Best wishes, NM.

Lori E zei

Art deco is such a great style.

Cass @ That Old House zei

LOVE art deco style. Gorgeous pieces of glass. I think my favorite are the two with "wings." So very pretty!

fiberdoodles zei

What stunning vases and the football one ~ who would have thought! Thank you so much for your visit and sweet comment; I am so glad you stopped by ;)