dinsdag 16 juni 2009

Why I want to get rid of my husband...for a week!

It is hard to keep up with blogs and blogging. I sometimes wonder how people keep it up. Last week was again a foody week. I will write about that on "Foody Friday". For the moment the special event foodmaking has stopped for a while. Now I am trying to start again with my sewing and decorating.
But first I want to get rid of my husband! He is going to Italy for his job next week. He always complains that I complain a lot about him going away for the job, if only he knew.
I want him out of the way to start om my granddaughter's room. I have it all in my head how I want it. The problem is that just two years agoo we renovated this room,my sons old room, in a library/ tv room (DH) an ironing room for me.
But now it all has to go again and I don't know where to put all the furniture and washing and formost all the books.
We put 4 bookcases in that room, we have 11 in total in the house and now I need to get writ of 3 of them.
And what about DH chair and his tv??? Oh dear, I wished I had another room availible to make Anne-Fleur's room.
I have seen the room in my dreams. I will be all in white and pink and pale blue.I am going a bit fifties vintage to match the old bed I have.
Thirty five years I kept my brothers baby bed in my cellar to have it for my grandchildren if there ever came one. The bed needed some paint and I just managed to paint it when the baby was born but I still have no room ready to put it in. This house needs a laundry room thats for sure!

This is the bed my parents bougth for my brother Jan, who is my junior by one year. So I never slept in this bed. It is now 58 years old.
So what are my plans for next week.
Point 1: Tree bookcases need to go.
Two will go in the upstairs hall but I actually need to paint them so they would fit the decor. But I won't manage that when DH is in Italy since they have to come downstairs for that and that I can't do alone.The fourth will disappair in my cellar unless my daughter changes her mind about having it.
Point 2: The dresser of the upstairs hall needs to go in the baby room to make place for the bookcases and I can use it as a diaper changing station.
Point 3: The 2 ugly pine chest of drawers that are in the baby's room have to move again to the cats room where they first where taken from so I can put the bed on that place.
Point 4: I need to iron a lot of stuff from the baptism , tablecloths mainely and put all the other clean washing in my newly arranged cellar. I hope I can bear it to do my ironing there.
Point 5: Once all the moving is done I can strip the wallpaper (only two years old) to put a pretty PIP wallpaper up. Luckely it is only two small wall and I like wallpapering.

Point 6: I need to repaint one bookcase, a mirror,a small table and a shelving unit.
Point 7:Then the fun bit kicks in. I can dress the room.The room was freshly painted two years agoo so I don't need to redo the painting. All the stuff I want to put in the baby's room are old thing I have for years.There will be nothing new in it exept the changing pad.
This shell I also want to put in Anne-Fleur's baby room.I belonged to my paternal grandmother and I had it in my little girl's room and now I want to put in in my granddaughters room too.

You see why I want to get rid of my husband?? He can't stand manual labour and he can't stand me messing with paint and things.
And I need him to be away so I don't have to cook his dinner or iron his shirts for a whole week and can get on with work exept the time I need to spend on the cats.

2 opmerkingen:

LiLi M. zei

Oooh maar dat gaat een prinsessekamertje worden!! Het bedje is al schattig en dat quiltje mmmmm geweldig. Ik ben ook een Pipfan, zeker voor de kleine dames. Maar wat een gesjouw gaat het worden. Al heb je nog zo'n groot huis hè, altijd kun je nog wel een ruimte gebruiken. Zo'n leeg kamertje dat je als blanco canvas zou kunnen gebruiken, maar helaas, meestal moet je voor het opbouwen eerst nog eens gaan afbreken. Ik wens jullie heel veel succes, je plannen geven goede moed!

Anoniem zei

Love the beautiful soft blue finish on the baby bed...somehow you will make all this work out. Husbands are the same everywhere aren't they? We love them dearly, but sometimes when you have a major project to tackle, it is easier if you have your own space and time to do it! As women, we just approach a task with a different plan. Keep us posted on your progress and thank you for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed hearing from you. I think you may have me beat with 1000 yards of fabric!!!