donderdag 29 mei 2008

I have been tagged!!

For the first time ever I have been taged! Thank you Rhondi!!

So now I have to follow the rules and answer the questions

What was I 10 years ago?

I was the same as now. A housewife married and with two grown children. Teaching Patchwork and quilting and tending to the cats.

5 things on my to do list today

First of all I need to care for and feed the sick kitten
Clean up the house a bit because I have a class.
Then I have to teach a patchwork class in my living room.
Try to laugh a bit as a compensation for the tears of yesterday.
Cook dinner

3 snacks I enjoy

I love Doritos sweet chili pepper variety
I also love a good icecream something like a tiramisu ice or a good mango ice
I also love a good piece of fruit tart like my mother bakes them.

4 things I would do if I was a millionaire

Move house! I want a house in the city with a little garden
Buy new houses for my two children
Enclose my garden for the cats
Give some mony to the cat shelters
Take a full time house cleaner!!!

5 places I have lived
I have only 5 places I have ever lived.
My father and mothers house in Hasselt
The new house of my parents in Hasselt
Our first flat as newlyweds in Hasselt
Our first apartment in Leuven
Our first house in Heverlee by Leuven
This is all in 50 km form each other!!
Very adventurous,is'nt it!!!!
What a boring live I have had,hahaha!!

I need to tag 6 other people.
That is a difficult one since I have only be in blogland for a few months.

I tag Madame ZsaZsa for being so much fun

I tag Lili M. for being so kind to me

I tag Hollyhocks for being such a nice person

I tag Something White for being so nice to me

I tag My everyday things for sharing my love of china and cristal

and last but not least I tag Maine Coon -Luna for sharing my love for Maine Coons

It looks that I don't know exactly how to include a link.
So I am afraid you will have to do it with this.

The rules are:

Answer the questions.

Tag six other people.

List their names .

List the rules

3 opmerkingen:

LiLi M. zei

Hee Nicky!! Thanks for tagging me! I have been tagged twice this week so I can finally put some attention to MOI again, hahaha!!
Ik hoop dat je main coons blijven doen waar ze voor opgesteld staan, ik duim voor ze, succes! Groetjessss

Marina Capano zei

Hi! How are you! nice tags! nice your replys! do you know patagonia? well, I invite you know in my blog! see you!

Something White zei

Hallo Nicky! Ik ben van de partij! Ik ga zo gelijk eens de vragen bekijken en alles kopiƫren. Straks zie je dan wel het laaste 'hotnews' over mij op Blogger verschijnen :D
(deze keer ga ik echter geen nieuwe slachtoffers zoeken, want ik ben al verschillende keren getagged geweest en heb dan ook telkens de fakkel doorgegeven...)
Lieve groet en tot dinsdag (ik mail nog)! Marjolijn